Pio and Amedeo reveal Belen's message and De Martino comments

Stefano De Martino e Belen Rodriguez, Nina Moric svela un retroscena

Pio and Amedeo reveal the message of Belen Rodriguez after the joke about her pregnancy to "Amici 2021"

Pio and Amedeo, guests of the second episode of Amici 2021, reveal the message of Belen Rodriguez after the joke about her pregnancy and Stefano De Martino comments.

Immediately after the first episode of Maria De Filippi's program, the Argentine showgirl had posted a photo of a bar of soap on Instagram, inviting those who spoke of her to rinse their hands and mouth.

Many had interpreted Rodriguez's post as a response to the sketch of the two comedians. Pio and Amedeo, guests of Maria De Filippi, had in fact commented with irony on the pregnancy of Belen, pregnant with Antonino Spinalbese after the farewell to Stefano De Martino. “Let's applaud Stefano De Martino – they began -. Best wishes again that he becomes a dad again. Finally a little brother for Santiago. Ah isn't it yours? Weren't you in the photograph? Belén takes them all the same, I don't understand. […] I know him, he's a good guy, he's a hairdresser. No I say, you had to go to the hairdresser …

If Stefano had appeared embarrassed, but had taken everything with self-irony, Belen had seemed to the most furious for the joke. In reality Pio and Amedeo explained that things would have turned out differently. “What a mess that happened for last week's joke – the comedians told Amici 2021 -. The hot phone, not even the escorts on Saturday nights have the hot phone. Pio and Amedeo have exaggerated, out of place, as they allow themselves. That's a joke, gentlemen. Nobody was offended. The next day Belén put up a post with the soap that is used to rinse your hands and mouth too. All the newspapers talked about it ”.

The comedians then revealed that they had received a private message from Belen Rodriguez: “Sunday night we received a message from Belén in private. She told us the bar of soap was not meant for us and she was sorry. You made it clear that no one was upset. The advice now is that when Santiago grows up, this little girl arrives and you have a nice extended family. Those who should have been indignant were not indignant, the keyboard lions were indignant. They were not indignant, self-irony will save us ". Of the same idea Stefano De Martino who confessed: "I am against comic censorship".

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