Pitaya, the fruit that keeps blood sugar at bay

Pitaya, the fruit that keeps blood sugar at bay

Let's discover the power of pitaya, the tropical fruit that keeps blood sugar at bay and helps you lose weight

The 9 foods that keep blood sugar at bay

It's called pitaya and is a fruit rich in benefits, able to keep blood sugar at bay.

Originally from tropical areas, the dragon fruit – as it is called – has a deep red skin, which hides a creamy pulp, with a sour taste, but with a sweet aftertaste, which is a mix between pear and kiwi. The black pitaya juice and seeds are rich in nutrients, especially fibers, antioxidants and minerals (iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus).

We also find many vitamins, in particular E, C, B1, B2 and B3 that make this fruit an excellent ally for health. What makes pitaya special is the fact that it is particularly useful for regulating blood glucose levels and reducing fat absorption. It improves the function of the intestine and, thanks to antioxidants, counteracts the action of free radicals.

Pitaya is not widespread in Italy, but can be bought in specialty stores. The most valuable quality is the yellow one, less widespread and much more valuable, also the red and rosy ones are excellent. How do you take the fruit? To taste it just peel it, just like you do with figs or prickly pears, and eat it in slices. The pulp can also be used to create an excellent juice, called “agua de pitaya” in Thailand, rich in nutritional properties and excellent for keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Alternatively, experts advise tasting pitaya in a dried and dehydrated form, as a healthy snack, for breakfast or as a snack. To get your fill of well-being and make the most of the power of this beneficial fruit, experts recommend consuming it at least three times a day, calculating the quantities in tablespoons (each meal a spoonful of pitaya).

Moreover, this delight is definitely versatile. You can add dried or fresh pitaya to yogurt, eat it in the fruit salad or use it to prepare smoothies and energy drinks that are good for your health.

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