Plastic Free July: what is it?

Plastic Free July: what is it?

A month to raise awareness and educate about less plastic consumption: this is the Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement created to give concrete ideas to avoid using plastic in our daily life in order to get as close as possible to a plastic-free environment. And how can we participate in our own small way?

Plastic Free July: why it matters

It is now in the public domain: plastics and microplastics are poisoning our seas, killing and damaging marine fauna and have practically entered the food chain. Apart from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, that is the islet of garbage off the Pacific Ocean, as big as Greenland, microplastics also play a crucial role in plastic pollution: it is estimated that they are about 30% of the total. of the plastic present in the oceans. And what is worse, they are not destined to be disposed of quickly.

Plastic Free July: what is it?

Added to this is that much of the plastic that is produced is not recycled either because it is not given correctly (and therefore ends up in the sea) or because it is materials that cannot be disposed of, such as polylaminates (tubes of toothpaste, for example , or coffee packaging. For this reason, while waiting to find an industrial solution that allows greater recycling of plastic, it would be good to find alternatives that allow us to reduce its use to the maximum.

Plastic Free July: let's apply it to our life

Almost in every area of ​​our life we ​​can find alternatives to disposable plastic: from the use of a water bottle, to that of filter jugs, to the reuse of shopping bags, to the choice of loose products wherever possible. Every time I go to the supermarket I am always impressed by the shampoo and shower gel aisle: only a very small portion is dedicated to soap bars, while meters and meters of shelves are full of plastic bottles of liquid products. Starting to change a few little habits, like washing with a bar of soap instead of a liquid shower gel, is a way like any other to make a difference.

Plastic Free July: what is it?

Plastic Free July: let's get the word out

In the bathroom, in the kitchen, while doing the laundry, on the road, in our closet, it is possible to reduce the use of plastic and have more virtuous attitudes. If we are the first to lead by example, our friends will also be infected by the drive for change. On line, from Instagram to Pinterest, there are many profiles that give daily practical advice to live in a plastic free way and it's not that difficult: it's just a matter of getting started! Why don't you try this July too?

Plastic Free July: what is it?

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