Plogging, the sport that is good for the body and the environment

Waste found on the ground is collected while running: sports training that is good for the environment

There is a sport that is good for the body and soul, but above all it is good for the environment: you run, in an urban park or in the green areas of the city, and you collect waste. It is a full-blown training which, however, in addition to putting us back on track, protects and preserves the land we inhabit.

Practicing this activity is quite simple for those who are already keen on jogging, otherwise you can also opt for a brisk walk. The important thing is that during the sports session you stop to collect the garbage abandoned in the streets and avenues of the park.

The trend comes directly from Sweden, but it has conquered the whole world, and today it is also practiced in our country. The meaning of the word plogging is explained by the translation of the two terms that make it up: jogging, which we all know what it is, and plocka upp, which in Swedish means to collect. It is, therefore, an original and unprecedented sporting activity that combines more traditional physical exercise with particular attention to the environment.

The idea came to the Swedish environmental activist Erik Ahlström who, tired of seeing the garbage on the streets of Stockholm, started practicing this unprecedented race. It was then enough to talk about it on Instagram to transform plogging into one of the most popular sports activities of recent times. In Italy, for example, there are several groups of ploggers active throughout the territory.

Many choose to join in small groups to practice the sports session: they also carry a sack or something to collect the garbage found on the ground, they run and stop to collect all the waste that is found along the way. However, it is important to dispose of them correctly through separate collection.

In addition to being an interval training – so defined for waste collection breaks – it is also quite intensive, just think of the bends and movements made to take the garbage off the ground.

The activity is also suitable for families. Children find it fun, like a treasure hunt, but above all they can learn respect for the environment from a very young age and contribute to the preservation of the planet.

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