Plug your ears with them, they are the signs that damage self-esteem

The stars reveal to us which zodiac signs you should never listen to when they are angry, they damage your self-esteem.

When we are angry we end up saying things we don’t really think. In anger, the tongue becomes poisonous because often the only thing that matters is to hit and hurt those who made us angry. This attitude is more common in some zodiac signs. Find out which ones.

hard words signs

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Watch out for today’s leaderboard signs because they could hurt you a lot, theirs verbal attacks are among the stronger and more painful than the Zodiac.

These zodiac signs hurt most of all with words

From the astrological point of view, each sign is characterized by different characteristics which in some cases are opposed. For example, there are particularly calm, sunny and sociable signs that when they get angry they become possessed. You would never expect them to use offensive words and yet it can happen.

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Today the stars reveal what they are the zodiac signs that hurt the most when they turn hard on someone, they know exactly where to go and where to strike to hurt and often have the effect of killing self-esteem of their interlocutor. Be very careful and plug your ears if you have a quarrel with today’s leaderboard signs why you will undoubtedly get hurt.

hard words signs

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First sign in the standings and first sign of the zodiac, Aries will do everything for when it collides with someone bring home the victory and will have no qualms about saying what will have the power to finally silence his opponent. Angry Aries is very offensive and very stinging, after a verbal confrontation with him you will really want to cry. Do not take what he says at face value, in reality Aries does not always share what he says, for him it is a priority to win the battle on the field.


In second place we find Scorpio, a sign tactical and strategic. Before speaking, the Scorpio makes sure that he has understood who he is in front of him and that he has gathered all the information necessary to use against him in an epochal confrontation, should the occasion arise. By knowing a person deeply, Scorpio will also be able to deeply hurt him. Scorpio will not hesitate to annihilate his interlocutor if he has betrayed or hurt him.


Sagittarius surprisingly also occupies a place in this ranking. We all appreciate this sign for her great goodness of mind and for her altruism. It is a sign that releases positive energy and appears to have a huge heart, that’s why when Sagittarius uses harsh words it has a devastating effect, certain tones and manners are not expected from him and that’s probably why they hurt the most. If Sagittarius uses offensive words it is only because he is instinctively responding with anger and has not thought about what he is saying. Sagittarius is usually a tolerant sign and doesn’t hurt others on purpose.