Plumcake with carrots and almonds, because breakfast is a serious matter

Plumcake with carrots and almonds, because breakfast is a serious matter

Few ingredients and very clear ideas: this is how we prepare a very soft and also very good dessert, suitable for all ages

To look like gods pastry chefs true you don’t need to be pastry chefs, just do like them. The result is a delicious dessert, not too caloric (just over 300 calories per 100 grams) and ideal for both Breakfast than for a snack.

Plumcake with carrots


The plumcake with carrots and almonds, embellished with some dark chocolate, it is spectacular to look at and easy to prepare. It will remain soft for days and is also a very healthy recipe, suitable for adults as well as children.

And if we don’t have almond flour on hand, it is also fine to chop the peeled almonds very finely.

No plumcake but cake? The work is the same

With the same dough we can also prepare a cake. We put all the dough, without the chocolate, in a 24 cm pan and then decorate with some chocolate chips passed in the flour so as not to let them sink. The cooking time is the same.

Plum cake


220 g 00 flour
130 g almond flour
350 g carrots
3 medium eggs
120 g butter
130 g granulated sugar
1 vanilla pod
1 sachet of instant yeast for sweets
1 glass of brandy or grappa
140 g dark chocolate


We wash the carrots, let’s trim and peel them. Then cut them into pieces and blend them in the mixing bowl, or alternatively let’s grate them finely, let’s keep them aside.
In a saucepan we put to melt the butter, always on low heat. When it’s ready, turn it off and set this aside as well. Then we open the eggs in a bowl and using the electric whisk we beat them for a few minutes together with the sugar until they reach a frothy density.

At that point we add the carrotsthe flour 00 already sifted with baking powder, almond flour, vanilla bean seeds and liqueur, always starting to mix with whips. Then we also incorporate the butter and finally we put the dark chocolate cut into flakes.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° and then pour the mixture into a previously greased and floured loaf pan. We cook for 35-40 minutes (it depends on the power of your oven), checking the cooking with a toothpick at the end. In case, let’s go another 5 minutes before turning off.
Take out our carrot and almond plum cake and leave it in the mold until it is warm. At that point we can unmold and slice it.

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