The ingestion of toxic substances is among the leading causes of domestic accidents in childhood. In fact, children seem to be strongly attracted to detergents, medicines, drugs, shower gel, shampoos … which they "try to taste" out of curiosity, driven, above all, by the desire for knowledge and discovery.

This is why it is essential that in the presence of a small child these products are stored in areas of the house that are inaccessible to him (high shelves, locked wardrobes …) and that the packages are equipped with a safety cap so as to make the opening.

The symptoms can be immediate – generally nausea, vomiting, cramps, abdominal pain, cold sweats … – or occur later, even 24 hours after ingestion. The severity of the poisoning clearly depends on the type and quantity of substance taken.

First intervention
First of all, it is essential to understand what substance the baby has taken and in what quantity, looking for the packaging and questioning the baby in case they are able to respond.
If the child is very ill, is pale, has pain in the stomach … it is necessary to run to the emergency room carrying the package of the ingested product. Knowing immediately the composition of the substance taken allows you to immediately decide the best therapy to follow, avoiding unnecessary waste of time

Caustic caustic poisoning
Petrol, bleach, trichlorethylene … are highly toxic substances that cause ulcers, injuries and perforations.
The symptoms are very severe pain in the stomach, esophagus, mouth.

In case the child has ingested substances of this type, it is necessary to run quickly to the emergency room making sure that the child does not vomit because the ingested substances could further damage the esophagus and mouth. If necessary, give the baby milk (to dilute substances such as muriatic acid and sulfuric acid) or water and lemon (for bleach and the like).

Drug poisoning
It is essential to understand immediately which and how many drugs the child has ingested. If it is a few pads, there should be no problem.

However, it is good to accompany the child to the emergency room for further checks. In case of ingestion of barbiturates or sleeping pills, make sure that the child does not fall asleep keeping him awake with questions and physical stimuli (jolts, pinches, slaps …).
In these cases, it may be advisable to induce vomiting by exerting pressure on the neck, putting two fingers in his throat, making him drink warm salty water.

Mushroom poisoning
Mushroom poisoning can occur either by eating actually poisonous mushrooms, or by ingesting edible but deteriorated mushrooms.

Depending on the fungus, the poisoning can be immediate (in this case it makes sense to try to induce vomiting) or be delayed for a few hours from the moment of ingestion (therefore useless, making the child vomit since the toxins, already after 8 hours they were absorbed).

The main symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. If you suspect that the child has eaten toxic mushrooms, it is a good idea to run as soon as possible to the emergency room if possible, bringing the leftover mushrooms with him.

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