Pomegranate diet: burns fat and antioxidant

Pomegranate diet: burns fat and antioxidant

With the pomegranate diet you reactivate your metabolism, burn fat and reduce your waistline in just a few days

Pomegranate time: here are properties, benefits, uses and calories

Tasty, but above all rich in nutritional properties, the pomegranate is the protagonist of a perfect diet to burn fat and fill up with antioxidants.

Among the autumn fruits, the pomegranate is the best to get back in shape and lose a few pounds. In its juicy pulp, in fact, many benefits are hidden that allow you to lose weight quickly. First, this fruit improves circulation, counteracting water retention and cellulite, lowers cholesterol levels and promotes tissue oxygenation, improving metabolism and counteracting the formation of fat pads.

Not only: the pomegranate is also a natural supplement, perfect for eliminating extra pounds, deflating the belly and shaping the waistline. In fact, for centuries this Asian fruit has been used as an elixir of long life, able to counteract aging and the action of free radicals thanks to the antioxidants stored in its juice.

The beauty of pomegranate is that it is not only an excellent fat burner, but it is also a perfect ingredient for preparing many tasty recipes. Choose it ripe, with dark red and juicy seeds, to be simply tasted like this or squeezed to taste the juice whenever you want.

How does the pomegranate diet work? The day begins with a glass of water and lemon, followed by plain yogurt flavored with fruit grains, to drain liquids and awaken the intestine from the early morning hours. Also prepare a centrifugate, which you can enjoy during the course of the day whenever you experience hunger pangs.

At lunch enjoy whole rice (but also cous cous or spelled) with pomegranate, to add a sour note to your first courses and quickly burn fat. While at dinner, opt for a fresh-tasting chicken salad with pomegranate grains, perfect for increasing lean mass.

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