Poncho and hood, instructions for use

Poncho and hood, instructions for use

The cold is approaching and the hood in cloth or wool can be a warm and chic remedy: let's see how to wear it

Let's face it: the woolen cover, in winter, warms up and makes you feel, even outside the home, the warmth of the domestic walls. But how do you go about carrying this warmth without looking like you were tramped in Grandma's checkered blanket? Easy: with the hood or with the poncho! Let's see how to wear it in a simple and chic way … like a real parisienne!

Premise: for ponchos I mean the kind of shawl that actually slips from the head and that is made of wool or knit. The hood, on the other hand, is a full-fledged outerwear, with a slightly more sophisticated look, with holes for the sleeves and front buttons, usually made in the same fabric as the coats (cashmere, cloth, etc.). Both are casual garments, which go well with a sporty and relaxed look.

The poncho above the jacket

Copy from the girls and wear it over the light down jacket or over the coat, so as to superimpose a second layer that gives you extra warmth! The important thing is that the poncho must be longer than the shoulder piece. The ideal is that it arrives widely under the hips, slipped and fluid, therefore also suitable for those with a lot of breasts, or is a little softer on the abdomen.

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The poncho with the belt

I love it, more in the hood version. Worn in this way, unlike what I said above, it's fine for those with thin waist. If the model you purchased does not have belt loops, have it pass under the hood at the back and knot it at the front, at waist height. You can also use it to stop a scarf from falling long in front.

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Tartan poncho

In tartan version it is definitely a more sporty look, to wear on the weekend with jeans, masculine-cut shirts, pullovers and Beatles-style boots. To avoid looking just come from the Andes, my suggestion is to adopt as much as possible a British look, so go ahead for buttoned blouses, skinny jeans and, for those who have legs that allow it, cuissardes. If you want a look to scream, and especially if you're not chilly, go ahead for denim shirts and mini-skirts, also in leather: especially suitable for very young girls!

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