Positions and characteristics of Bikram Yoga

Positions and characteristics of Bikram Yoga

More and more people are choosing bikram yoga as a sport to practice in their free time. Find out what this discipline is and its benefits

Bikram yoga is a particular type of therapeutic yoga, which takes its name from its creator Bikram Choudhury. This yoga teacher born in 1946 has experienced the many benefits of yoga since he was a child, also used in the East to heal chronic body diseases and various ailments. From this research that lasts a lifetime, many exercises and postures are born that form this discipline now known all over the world. It is important to differentiate bikram yoga vs hot yoga as they are two similar yoga disciplines but different on some characteristics.

These two terms are in fact often used as synonyms but have differences: the two workouts provide very similar positions but what changes is the variability between lessons and between positions. Hot Yoga is characterized by the use of very high temperatures, from which it takes its name, which are usually between 30 and 36 degrees. In addition to this difference, the two workouts are similar in that they both involve the use of background music and the lack of constraints on the environment in which they are practiced.

Why practice bikram yoga

Why practice bikram yoga? What are the benefits of this type of discipline? Bikram can be practiced by anyone, as it is an accessible physical activity if taught by a professional. Regardless of age, build, how trained your body is or the level of experience in yoga, this workout can be performed very simply. The accessibility of Bikram makes it a perfect discipline for experts and beginners. The benefits of bikram yoga are many and different from each other. The movements made during yoga sessions allow first of all to stretch and strengthen your muscles, training the whole body. In a lesson it is thus possible to enjoy a total-body workout.

The movements of the bikram yoga positions improve blood circulation, thus also benefiting the internal organs and glands. The improved circulation then leads to a relaxation of the body, therefore to a relaxation of the nervous system. Many of the exercises in bikram yoga require full concentration on your body, distracting those who train from the problems and frenzy of everyday life. This feature translates into deep relaxation and greater mental serenity. All this will give the body additional energy and vitality, becoming a natural refill.

Some exercises of the bikram yoga

The positions of the bikram Yoga are in total 26 and can be practiced in a 90-minute session. During a lesson of this type of discipline, the types of breathing are alternated, focusing on deep and relaxed breathing with the diaphragm. A bikram yoga class usually begins with a breathing exercise, Pranayama, which aims to warm up the body and prepare it for the following positions. The different positions focus on warming the body, realigning it, taking advantage of the compression and improving balance. Usually a workout also includes relaxation pauses alternating with ground exercises dedicated to stretching, especially the spine, back muscles and bending.

Advice and contraindications

As anticipated, bikram yoga can be practiced by anyone, as it has no particular contraindications. Despite this, however, if you suffer from heart disease, pressure-related or if a hot environment can lead to discomfort, this type of yoga may not be the most suitable. Among the tips for those who practice the bikram yoga positions for the first time is to always carry a towel with you, so that you can place it on your mattress and dry the sweat. Staying hydrated is important for any physical activity, so it is advisable to bring water with you to consume before, during or after class. Finally, yoga can lead to feeling very hot, so light and breathable clothing is recommended.

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