Post-holiday diet: the right tips to lose weight without too many sacrifices

Here are the right tips to lose weight without giving up too much with the post-holiday diet: here’s what to eat and the right habits.

Although for many the holidays have not yet arrived, many others have already returned to work at full capacity. From September starts a little bit of everything and for many the diet starts again. If on the one hand we will miss the outdoors and fun, on the other hand we have the opportunity to get back in the ranks.

post-holiday diet

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However, starting the diet immediately after the holidays can even be counterproductive in some cases. This is because from a psychological point of view it can induce us to eat much more during the holidays with the excuse that we will go on a diet when we return.

So let’s find out what the right tips to lose weight without too many sacrifices with a post-holiday diet that does not make us hungry but that allows us to lose weight in a peaceful and relaxed but above all lasting and effective way.

Here is the post-vacation diet

Often during the holidays we are inclined to overstretch and eat more than usual. Between restaurants, aperitifs, alcoholic drinks and a wild life, it’s easy return from vacation with a few extra pounds.

post-holiday diet

Source: Canva

Luckily there are tricks for not gaining weight on vacation and if you haven’t started yet, maybe it’s worth taking a cue. If by now the omelette is already done, all that remains is to get back in line after the holidays.

To do this we suggest some useful advice for losing weight after returning from vacation following a healthy and balanced regime without too many sacrifices but giving space to good habits to eliminate a few extra pounds.

1) Don’t skip meals. Many think that if they skip a meal, they can lose weight better. Too bad that in this way as well as slowing down the metabolism we end up consuming more food at the next meal not counting that we will be perpetually hungry. Also find out why skipping meals is wrong and damage to health

2) To have breakfast. Another good habit is to always have breakfast. Being the first meal of the day it is important to start with the right amount of energy otherwise we will feel drained throughout the day and will also end up eating a lot more for lunch.

3) Make 5 meals a day. In this way the metabolism will be more active.

4) Avoid saturated fats. Choosing a cuisine with fresh and quality ingredients is the first step to eating well. We therefore avoid industrial and packaged foods but we give priority to seasonal fruit and vegetables and to foods cooked with simple cooking methods.

5) Drink enough water. At least a liter and a half or two a day is the right amount of water that we should introduce.

6) Reduce the consumption of salt. Many do not know that salt is often naturally contained in foods. So then it is important not to add too much to the dishes otherwise we end up consuming excessively.

7) Playing sports. Practicing physical activity consistently is essential for staying lean and in good health.

8) Don’t eliminate carbohydrates. Many think that by cutting out carbohydrates they can lose more weight. Too bad that they must be at least 55% of the total calories so they should not be eliminated but chosen correctly, opting for the complex ones found in whole grains, vegetables, legumes and so on.