Post-waxing mustache irritation: find out how to fix it

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What to put after waxing your mustache? How to relieve redness and pimples after waxing your mustache? What to do if the mustache is sore?

With mustache waxing it is possible that the skin becomes irritated or it will have happened to everyone at least once the skin is torn after waxing or as if burned. Find out how to remedy post-waxing mustache irritation, relieve redness after mustache waxing and what to wear after mustache waxing.


  • First, prevention is better than cure
  • Hot or cold mustache waxing?
  • What to do and what to put after waxing your mustache to avoid redness
  • Torn skin after waxing: remedies and advice
  • Pimples after waxing, how long do they last? How to make them go away?
  • Things not to do absolutely to avoid finding yourself with a sore mustache

First, prevention is better than cure

First of all, as with everything, prevention is better than cure: to avoid irritation after waxing your mustache, it is important to cleanse the area properly and prepare it for waxing. Use a mild cleanser to remove residues of cream, makeup and greasiness from the skin by helping yourself with hot water to open and cleanse the pores.

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At this point, the day before waxing, it is a good idea to perform a gentle scrub, to remove any dead cells and residues that the cleanser has not been able to eliminate, as well as excess sebum. On the day of the mustache waxing remember not to apply creams, oils or butters on the area to be treated: the skin must be hydrated in the days before and after but not just before performing the tear. At this point you are ready to remove the hair, but if the area above the lip is too wet, you can apply a veil of talcum powder to dry it and make the wax adhere better.

Hot or cold mustache waxing?

Before proceeding with the mustache waxing, you have to choose how to proceed, whether with hot or cold waxing. Hot waxing is usually performed by the beautician, who always uses this method also because heating the wax to only depilate the mustache becomes a long process.

hands separate waxing depilatory strips

At home we usually tend to use cold waxing with small strips, which are easy to handle, pre-cut and with the right amount of wax already dosed but above all quick to use because they heat up in your hands, the two strips from each other and apply to the stretched skin. Furthermore, cold waxing usually irritates less than hot waxing, especially on particularly sensitive and delicate skin that could be affected by the too high temperature of classic wax.

What to do and what to put after waxing your mustache to avoid redness

Once waxed, it is normal for the area to be red but to avoid excessive redness or make it disappear quickly and avoid irritation after waxing, you can use small tricks to be implemented immediately afterwards. First of all, the treated area must be properly cleaned of wax residues. Often in the packs of cold mustache waxing there are cleansing wipes, which can be a solution to remove residues but the rubbing of the fabric and the almost never completely natural ingredients could annoy some more delicate skin. The ideal is to wipe with your fingers or with a cotton swab of sweet almond, coconut or olive oil which, being very greasy, eliminates residues quickly without the need to rub for a long time, going at the same time to soothe and moisturize the skin.

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A very effective remedy to get rid of redness quickly is to cool the affected area. You can keep a couple of teaspoons in the freezer and place them on the shaved part or, even better, get yourself an ice cube to pass over the mustache. Do not pass it directly on your skin as it could cause cold burns, so enclose it in a piece of fabric or in a washable and reusable make-up remover pad. An alternative is to use an iced cube of chamomile infusion or prepare an infusion to keep in the fridge and wipe the skin with a cotton pad.

After removing the wax residues and cooling the area, also remove the oil residues with a mild soap and dab to dry, without rubbing. At this point, apply a soothing and moisturizing cream to refresh the skin and ensure that irritation and redness subside. The creams based on hyaluronic acid and aloe are excellent. An excellent remedy to soothe irritated and red skin is also to apply a light layer of zinc oxide paste, the one for diaper redness that is used for babies. A veil is really enough because it is very pasty, it can be left to act or massage until completely absorbed.

Torn skin after waxing: remedies and advice

Different is the case in which the skin has been torn and pulled off, it appears almost as if burned. In that case we must be patient and avoid applying too many products because we are faced with a real wound. Therefore, no creams and oils, nor products containing alcohol, nor ice in direct contact because the skin could, on the contrary, become more irritated. The ideal is to gently clean the residual wax where the skin is still intact and apply cold water to the torn part to try to soothe the area or pass an ice cube inserted into a cloth.

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You can also use a disinfectant but alcohol-free, of those that you buy at the pharmacy and are also used for wounds. Once the area has been cleaned and dried and the first stage of inflammation has passed, apply calming and soothing products, such as aloe vera, one of the most effective natural remedies. Perfect for sunburn and irritation, even in the case of a mustache irritation from waxing, it is ideal, because it refreshes, soothes and helps regenerate the tissues. Another great ally is hyaluronic acid, which in combination with aloe vera is perfect for restoring the health of the skin. In the case of severe burns or skin torn after waxing, you can also help yourself with Connettivina or similar products which, among other ingredients, also contain hyaluronic acid.

Pimples after waxing, how long do they last? How to make them go away?

If, on the other hand, after waxing your mustache you fill up with red pimples and small pustules, even in this case we are faced with an irritation. All that has been said is valid, with the difference that you do not have to apply anti-acne products, which dry the pimples or even ointments to be spread locally on the pustule, at least as soon as you have done the waxing.

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Clean and cleanse the area, cool it and apply soothing products to avoid immediate red spots and pimples. However, if the next day you have more swollen or small and white pimples after waxing, do not squeeze them to avoid spreading the irritation to the whole skin. Disinfect the area a couple of times a day and wait for the pimples to dry out and go away by themselves, helping you with applications of local products to help them mature faster, to be applied only and exclusively on the pimple, never on the whole skin to avoid risk dehydration.

Things not to do absolutely to avoid finding yourself with a sore mustache

To avoid post-waxing irritation on the mustache, it is important not to sunbathe or stress the skin with special treatments. Exposing yourself to sunlight could risk staining the skin sensitized by the tear and causing brown spots to appear or accentuate the irritation and the appearance of rashes and erythema. It would also be better to avoid sweating, so if possible no sauna and no sport in the hours immediately following because sweat in the long run can accentuate the irritation of the mustache. Scrubs or exfoliating treatments such as peeling are also prohibited, because the skin is subjected to the trauma of the tear and already tried and irritated, therefore it cannot be attacked further with acids or rough particles that would irritate and redden even more.

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