Posture, how to sit at the counter

Posture, how to sit at the counter

The child must not "lie down" on the bench. Incorrect posture could potentially be harmful to your back

The child's posture is important, even at school. Perhaps someone remembers the desks of the past, with the chairs very low compared to the work surface, which was also slightly inclined. It was more difficult to indulge in postures that were not "suitable" for the back ".

What scientific studies say

Studies in school ergonomics say that to ensure the best position of the pupil, at least 35 centimeters are needed between the eye and the work surface, where there are books, notebooks, pens and a pencil case with the chair positioned correctly with respect to the desk itself. When seated, based on the height, the child should have chairs that allow him to rest his foot on the floor with his back resting perfectly against the backrest and the trunk well erect.

Correctly "coupling" the chair with the desk, which may seem occasional but which in the long run can help the child to better endure school hours and also to tire less, also means avoiding excessive eye strain, on the other hand reducing the risk that the child adopts an incorrect attitude that is potentially harmful to his back.

Finally, some numbers that can help you understand how life in the classroom is going: on average for each schoolchild there should be an area of ​​just under two square meters and the room should be illuminated as naturally as possible, thanks to very large windows.

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