Prediabetes, because it puts your heart at risk

Prediabetes, because it puts your heart at risk

Prediabetes can increase your risk of having heart and arterial problems. Healthy diet and physical activity are essential for controlling blood sugar

There is talk of diabetes when the blood sugar reaches 126 milligrams per deciliter. But when the values ​​come close to this figure, even if we talk about prediabetes, the heart and arteries can be put in difficulty, as confirmed by a research that appears in the British Medical Journal. For this you need to control your weight, follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, given that movement becomes a very effective weapon to control, through muscle activity, possible increases in blood sugar.

Why be careful

We start from the estimates for the future, to make sense of the impact that this condition in which we are still healthy but there are already the first germs of an alteration of the metabolism that could lead to real diabetes. Forecasts say that in 2030 more than 470 million people in the world will suffer from prediabetes and that more than seven out of ten among them will develop the disease itself, with all the consequences that can have on health. The problem, in this case, is that having high blood sugar, but still not at levels considered pathological, can still increase the risk of having heart and arterial problems.

This was reported by research conducted at Southern Medical University in China, which appears in the British Medical Journal. The study examined all the most significant publications (129 researches) that considered the possible association between prediabetes with the risk of cardiovascular disease and death from any cause, regardless of the health conditions of the heart and arteries.

In all, therefore, the data relating to over 10 million people were examined and it emerged that in the case of prediabetes, with an average monitoring of about 10 years, the risk of mortality from all causes rises by 13 percent and by 15 for one hundred to develop a cardiovascular disease, with heart attack and stroke. All this, of course, compared to people who had a well-controlled blood sugar level, within the limits of complete acceptance, therefore under 110 milligrams per deciliter.

The risks of prediabetes, however, would be even higher in the case of people who already suffer from heart disease. Last observation: an insufficient glucose tolerance, which is observed after meals, would however be related to an increased risk of circulatory problems.

The importance of physical activity

Check your weight, eat according to the rules of the Mediterranean diet and, even when age advances, do not forget the importance of normal movement, which must become a good daily habit. Having good muscles, in fact, means being able to react better in terms of blood sugar control mechanisms, especially when age advances. Just think in this sense of a research conducted on people over 65 by experts from the Canadian University McMaster, published in the Journal of Gerontology.

All people had a "suspicious" rise in blood glucose values, such as to configure a state of prediabetes. Everyone was asked not to go over a thousand steps a day for two weeks, so basically to stay at home. A few days later we started checking strength and blood sugar. And it was seen that muscle mass and strength decreased, but above all it was seen that people with prediabetes began very quickly to reveal the signs of metabolic pathology, in particular linked to insulin resistance.

Moreover, simply returning to regular physical activity for two weeks from the end of the study did not reproduce the initial situation: inactivity has left its mark. What can you say? Let's move regularly, at all ages and without excessive effort. Health will gain.

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