Pregnancy: 21st week

Pregnancy: 21st week

In the twenty-first week of pregnancy the fetus is already fully formed and the belly has become very large

With the twenty-first week of pregnancy the fifth month is coming to an end, as it corresponds to 21 weeks and 6 days. In this week the mother can still do the morphological ultrasound, it is a fundamental exam to make sure that the baby is growing well and that there are no malformations or anomalies. With this exam it will be possible to observe the morphology of the head and the brain, taking the measurements, assessing the amount of liquid present and above all the correct closure of the spine to exclude spina bifida. The ultrasound also allows you to carefully study the heart and its 4 compartments.

The twenty-first week of pregnancy symptoms

In this period the future mother begins to feel particularly tired and to suffer from shortness of breath due to the compression of the uterus on the lungs and on the other organs. In the twenty-first week of pregnancy it is important to keep your weight under control, since you should increase about 3 kilos, always keeping your diet under control. The uterus gets bigger and bigger, expanding it compresses the lungs and pushes the abdomen forward. The navel could go out and return to its place only after the birth. The chest widens, while the large breasts need adjustable support. In this period, the expectant mother could suffer from an iron deficiency, so it is essential to follow a balanced diet and consume foods that contain iron, such as dried apricots, chocolate and eggs.

How is the child in the twenty-first week of pregnancy

The child in the twenty-first week of pregnancy weighs 300 grams, is 16 cm long and is particularly active, in fact alternating phases in which he sleeps in phases in which his activity is particularly intense. The lungs are almost fully developed and the baby is already taking 20-60 breaths every half hour. In this period the child is already able to perceive the sounds, recognizing the voice of the mother, the father and the music. The fetus is almost completely formed, from this moment on it will only have to grow in weight and size.

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