Pregnancy: 27th week

In the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy the child looks like a small human being in miniature, while the growing belly creates many difficulties for the mother

In the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy the mother is now in the middle of the seventh month and her weight continues to grow more and more, hand in hand with that of the child. This period of pregnancy is accompanied by a continuous feeling of heaviness and a difficulty in breathing. The belly expands dramatically and the skin relaxes, becoming less elastic. For this reason it is essential to treat it with creams and oils to avoid the onset of stretch marks.

The symptoms of the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

The excessive weight and the uterus that presses against some organs, begin to create some difficulties in the future mother starting from the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy. You can often suffer from heartburn and acid reflux. For this reason it is advisable to drink a lot, do relaxation exercises and exercise very lightly. Also in this week, as in the previous ones, contractions can be felt. Usually they are not regular and are tied to the belly that is preparing for childbirth. The fetus requires a greater caloric intake of up to 500 kcal per day. The child begins to compress the stomach more and more, decreasing the space for digestion. In this case it is preferable to consume frequent and small meals. Hormones and poor circulation make the gums and legs swollen. To alleviate these annoying pregnancy symptoms it is important to drink plenty of water to promote drainage, but above all to treat oral hygiene.

How is the child in the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy

In the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy the child measures 35 centimeters, weighs 760 grams and is a copy of a miniature human. In this period the baby reaches a third of the weight he will have at birth and in the seventh month he doubles his weight. The skin is still wrinkled, but it is thicker and more resistant than it was in the first weeks of pregnancy. To protect it there is still the caseous paint that will disappear completely a few days after birth. The organs are formed, though not completely. The connections between neurons are already present, while the respiratory system proceeds in its development. The movements are decidedly uncoordinated, but he continues to do somersaults and suck his finger. The taste buds are well defined and can already perceive the taste of the foods they consume by drinking the amniotic fluid.

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