Pregnancy and canned foods: expert advice

Pregnancy and canned foods: expert advice

Experts suggest avoiding consumption of canned foods during pregnancy, due to reduced nutritional value and the risk of exposure to bisphenol A

A varied and balanced diet during pregnancy is the first step to guarantee the child the nutrients necessary for his regular development. According to experts, in this delicate period for women and the fetus it is important to prefer fresh foods, avoiding the consumption of canned foods. This is because their manufacturing process greatly reduces their nutritional value.

The risks of canned foods during pregnancy

Several studies have found in canned foods the risk of exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in plastic or polycarbonate packaging, dangerous for the mother because, if it comes into direct contact with the pregnant woman in high quantities, it can affect negatively on the fetal nervous system, leading to behavioral problems and problems in the development of the prostate gland.

Canned foods to avoid during pregnancy

Among the foods that can cause the release of BPA, and therefore it is preferable to avoid consuming during pregnancy, we find peeled tomatoes, sauces and prepared sauces, due to the high degree of acidity that comes into contact with the material of which they are compose the containers.
Tuna is also on the black list of risky canned foods, due to its high mercury content.
Better to prefer homemade soups, with ingredients of known origin, to ready-made ones, because the latter could contain excess sodium and preservatives, harmful to expectant mothers.
As for canned meats, the advice is to eat them immediately after opening, keeping them in the fridge for a few days. Some fruits, including strawberries and raspberries, should be consumed preferably fresh, because the preservation system alters the nutrients, significantly reducing the vitamin C content, which is essential when expecting a baby, as it improves iron absorption and strengthens the immunitary defense.
Finally, the experts suggest to read the product label carefully, to identify the packages containing bisphenol-A, bearing in mind that 7 is the most dangerous class.

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