Pregnancy: fourteenth week

Pregnancy: fourteenth week

In the fourteenth week the baby starts to move, while the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea and fatigue, disappear

In the fourteenth week of pregnancy the fourth month has now begun and the pregnant woman is facing the second trimester. The child continues to grow very quickly and finally the first movements arrive, easily perceived by the belly. In this period the contractions are a very important signal for the future mother. Most are caused by a contraction of the uterus due to oxytocin, involve the lower abdomen and are similar to menstrual cramps. If they become regular and increase in intensity, however, they could be a symptom of some problem, so you should contact your gynecologist immediately.

The symptoms of the fourteenth week of pregnancy

The symptoms of the first weeks of pregnancy, such as continuous fatigue and nausea, disappear permanently, while the breast, and in particular the nipples, starts to become darker and harder. This is a key moment especially with regards to diet, because it is important that the mother produces amniotic fluid to feed her baby. Nutrition must be particularly taken care of, taking on healthier foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Many pregnant women experience various digestive problems, particularly heartburn and reflux. To solve the problem, just eat lighter, avoid acidic foods and drink plenty of water.

Meanwhile, the mother's body grows and does everything to protect her baby. The vaginal secretions, which are intended to protect the child from infections, increase, while the breast is getting larger and the nipples can secrete a yellowish liquid called colostrum.

How is the child in the fourteenth week of pregnancy

In the fourteenth week of pregnancy the baby has already grown a lot and is able to do many things. He swallows his saliva, clenches his fist, moves his lips and swims in the amniotic fluid. The fetus now measures 7 centimeters and weighs 23 grams. The thyroid is completely formed and begins to produce hormones. In the males the prostate appears, while in the females the ovaries position themselves in the pelvic cavity. Also the face starts to be almost completely formed and the base of the nose, the cheeks and the eyes can be seen.

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