Pregnancy: nineteenth week

Pregnancy: nineteenth week

In the nineteenth week the senses of the child develop, which begins to come into contact with the mother through hearing and touch

In the nineteenth week of pregnancy the mother has already entered the fifth month and is preparing to live one of the most beautiful and magical periods of gestation. The woman feels full of energy and fit, with a great desire to do and the curiosity to discover what her child will be like. The mother's body in the nineteenth week of pregnancy changes profoundly. The uterus grows noticeably and the stomach begins to move sideways to make room. The skin changes color: small dark spots appear on the face, while the nipples and armpits darken.

The symptoms of the nineteenth week of pregnancy

The symptoms of the nineteenth week of pregnancy are particularly light and easy to manage. One of the main concerns is blood circulation which becomes a bit difficult. This is because 25% of the blood volume is used by the placenta to grow and nourish the baby. Increased blood circulation can cause severe sweating, but also make the nose congested and increase vaginal secretions. Hunger begins to be more controllable, even if it is still a lot. The important thing however is, as always, to eat in a healthy and balanced way.

The child was in the nineteenth week of pregnancy

In this new week the fetus has grown a lot, measures 14 centimeters and weighs 190 grams and starts to move a lot. The child touches his feet, sucks his thumb and joins his hands. Sleep promotes growth, so it spends most of the time sleeping, about twenty hours a day. The sensory and neural system develops, while an immune system begins to form, with the first white blood cells. However, major changes occur in the brain where the areas that control the five senses develop. In particular, the sounds coming from the outside are perceived better and the mother can make the child listen to her voice, that of her father or some music. In the nineteenth week of pregnancy the doctors talk about the presence of aptitude, or the science of touch that allows the mother and father to come into contact with the child through massages.

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