Pregnancy: ninth week

Pregnancy: ninth week

In the ninth week of pregnancy, the child now has human features and has developed genitals, but it is still early to find out the sex

In the ninth week of pregnancy it is officially entering the third month. The fetus now has human features and looks more and more like the child it will be. Between the ninth and twelfth week, the gynecologist recommends carrying out tests to identify chromosomal abnormalities and genetic disorders in the child. If the mother is over 35 years of age, more in-depth investigations will be carried out, such as amniocentesis and villocentesis, suggested even if there are cases of chromosomal abnormalities in the couple's family history or if a child with syndrome has already been had of Down. Starting from the ninth week of pregnancy, you can tell your employer that you are pregnant.

Symptoms of the ninth week of pregnancy

First trimester disorders become more pronounced. The feeling of tiredness and swelling persists even in the ninth week of pregnancy and the increase in progesterone levels can cause bothersome mood swings, in addition to the risk of contracting urinary tract infections. You may feel a frequent urge to urinate, to suffer from painful urination and burning. Another common complaint in the ninth week of pregnancy is that of candida. In this case it is good to undergo medical checks and drink at least a liter and a half of water a day,

How is the child in the ninth week of pregnancy

In the ninth week of pregnancy, the baby's head appears very disproportionate and larger than the rest of the body. Now, however, the back is straightened and the tail is gone. At this stage, the fetus increasingly has the appearance of a child. The eyes are protected by the eyelids that will remain closed until the beginning of the third trimester, while the limbs continue to develop rapidly. In the ninth week of pregnancy, the child has knees and elbow joints and hands and feet also grow quickly, while the neck and hair follicles are beginning to form. Although the development of the genital organs has already begun in the ninth week of pregnancy, it is still too early to identify the sex of the child.

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