Pregnancy: thirty-ninth week

Pregnancy: thirty-ninth week

In the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy the birth is approaching and the mother has to do the monitoring to assess the health of the child

In the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy the mother is now at the end of the ninth month and is preparing to give birth. For most women this is the last week of gestation, the one in which the contractions begin and the child is born.

The symptoms of the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy

In the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy the anxiety begins to rise and the expectation of the future mother becomes feverish. But this is not the time to panic, but it is necessary to remain calm, especially if you feel the first contractions, thinking that soon you will be able to tighten your child in your arms. The woman's body prepares for childbirth. The cervix dilates, while the belly, now huge, begins to fall. The breast becomes bigger and more sensitive, because it is preparing for breastfeeding. Among the symptoms most perceived by future mothers is the feeling of shifting the center of gravity, the feeling of swaying and being even heavier and thicker. Even sleeping at night becomes complicated and often women are forced to go to the bathroom several times because their stomach gets on the bladder.

In this period cardiotocography is done, also known as monitoring, which aims to assess the health of the child, but also the fetal heart rate and the presence of contractions. The exam lasts about 30 minutes and is painless and safe for both mother and child.

Like the child in the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy

In the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy the child weighs 3 kg (the weight is increased by 600 times compared to the beginning) and usually measures around 50 cm. The time has come for him to be born. Its organs are in fact fully formed and ready to face the outside world. The nails are particularly long, so that at birth it will be necessary to cut them, while the hair covering the body has disappeared, remaining only on the ears, on the forehead and on the back. Its intestine is full of meconium, a greenish liquid that is produced by bile pigments and the secretion of food glands.

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