Pregnancy: thirty-third week

Pregnancy: thirty-third week

In the thirty-third week of pregnancy, the child has less space to move. To monitor your movements, take breaks during the day

We are at the thirty-third week of pregnancy and the belly has become increasingly heavy. The child has less space to move and the future mother may feel jerks coming from the uterus: it is the hiccups or small breaths of the fetus. The child pushes more and more downward, ready to position himself to come into the world. Taking more weight in this period is normal, because most of the extra pounds are those of the child, the amniotic fluid and the placenta. At the end of the 33rd week of pregnancy, maternity leave begins.

The symptoms of the 33rd week

The child continues to press on the bladder, which leads to the urge to urinate frequently. However, during the thirty-third week of pregnancy the future mother is more exposed to the risk of urinary tract infection, which could also cause fever. In this case, it is advisable to contact your doctor who could suggest urine culture. In this period you will feel particularly awkward in movements, due to the volume of the belly. The breast also increases in volume and is preparing for breastfeeding. In these weeks, you can feel the slight contractions of Braxton Hicks, which will become more frequent but which, unlike the real ones, are not painful.

How was the child in the thirty-third week

The child is now aware of the world around him. In the thirty-third week of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid is at the highest levels and the child is able to distinguish the flavors of the food that the future mother ingests. The child has less space to move and the positions taken by the mother, as well as external noises or the amount of food ingested, influence her movements. To keep them under control, just take some breaks during the day and listen: probably if you are active, you are less likely to feel the fetus moving. Now his head is proportionate to the rest of the body and the bones, though still soft, are perfectly formed. The child continues to develop subcutaneous fat and the red skin becomes increasingly pink.

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