Pregnancy: twentieth week

The twentieth week marks half of the pregnancy. The child is almost completely formed and the mother makes contact with him

The twentieth week of pregnancy marks half of the gestation. In the life of the woman and in her body, inside and out, so many things are happening. The child continues to move a lot, swims in the liquid and does somersaults. Mom realizes everything, especially because she has put on a lot of weight by now. The extra pounds are felt and cellulite may also appear. The twentieth week is particularly delicate with regards to brain development. Precisely for this reason it is important that the mother stimulates the senses of the child, caressing the belly and establishing contact with him.

The symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy

The symptoms of the twentieth week of pregnancy are mainly related to the weight gain that can start to cause back pain. The extra pounds also cause pain in the joints and bones, this is because the skeleton must adapt to the changing body. The ligaments are also less solid and it is easier to have sudden failures. The back, put to the test by the increasing weight, assumes an unnatural position, while the pelvis and the rib cage dilate slightly, sometimes causing small intercostal pains. In the body the uterus widens again, taking up a lot of space in the body and going to compress the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. squeezing the lungs, for this you can have some breathing difficulties. The blood volume increases by one third and there may be some problems in the circulation with muscle cramps, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. In the twentieth week a new check is made, while the urine test is repeated to keep the blood sugar under control.

How is the child in the twentieth week of pregnancy

In the twentieth week of pregnancy the baby weighs 240-250 grams and is 15 centimeters long. The muscles start to be stronger and the movements precise, so much so that he can have fun doing the somersaults in the amniotic fluid. The time is finally approaching to discover precisely what the sex will be, given that the sexual organs are developing. Fetal growth, which has been particularly rapid until now, slows down and the baby sleeps between 16 and 20 hours a day. From this moment the fetus is almost completely formed: the lungs are ending their development, as is the immune system.

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