Pregnancy: what to do and not when you are pregnant

Pregnancy: what to do and not when you are pregnant

Pregnancy brings with it many changes in women: here is what to do and what not to do when you are pregnant

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she is faced with many doubts and fears, but above all she wonders what she can do and not do during her pregnancy. Let's find out together what can be done and not done from the first to the ninth month.

Pregnancy: what to do and not when you are pregnant

  • First month – In this period the woman often does not yet know she is pregnant, the only advice is to perform moderate physical activity, abolish alcohol and smoking and vary the diet.
  • Second month – After discovering the pregnancy you can continue to work and eat anything. You can also travel without problems, while physical activity should be limited. A lot of attention must be paid to taking medication, which could create problems for the child.
  • Third month – In this month of pregnancy you can continue to work and eat anything, except in the case of negative toxoplasmosis. If the analyzes have shown the presence of this problem, you should avoid eating raw sausages, fish and meat.
  • Fourth month – The risk of miscarriage ends and more physical activity can be done, but also travel. However, physical efforts must be avoided for the back and pelvic floor.
  • Fifth month – In this period you can do everything you did in the previous months of pregnancy. Mom, however, should avoid standing too long and take some extra breaks at work.
  • Sixth month – Now in this month, the mother starts preparing the child's room, goes shopping and thinks about giving birth. You can do everything in the sixth month, but always without getting too tired.
  • Seventh month – This is the month in which the prepared courses begin and the first notions about this subject are discovered. The important thing is not to listen to the stories of others, since every experience is in itself, but to get the right information from your doctor.
  • Eighth month – In the eighth month, the future mother can still work if she feels strong. However, it is necessary not to sit or stand for too long, taking breaks and moving the legs especially. Heavy jobs and removals, as well as long journeys by car or train should also be avoided.
  • Ninth month – A few steps from giving birth, the woman must try not to make too much effort, but she can practice light physical activity, such as swimming. It is no longer time to work, but to think only of the child who will come.
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