Pregnant Kate is very ill. The Royal Palace worries and Camilla toasts

Pregnant Kate is very ill. The Royal Palace worries and Camilla toasts

Kate Middleton among children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

Despite staying at her parents' home, Kate Middleton's condition doesn't improve. The Duchess of Cambridge continues to be tormented by the violent nausea caused by her second pregnancy. Kate apparently vomits several times a day and is deeply debilitated.

The situation is worse than when he waited for George (who turned one last July). At the time, the hyperemesis of pregnancy had lasted only three weeks, now the suffering period has entered the fourth week. Hospitalization wasn't necessary just because doctors know what Lady Middleton suffers from. In any case, the local hospital was alerted for any emergency.

Meanwhile, Kate has made it known that she is looking forward to returning to her public commitments. Next on the calendar is the meeting with the President of Singapore set for October 24th. However, as things stand today, it will be difficult for the Duchess to remain faithful to it, it will depend on how she will feel and on the opinion of the doctors.

At Palazzo Reale there is growing concern about the health of Kate and her unborn child: pregnancy is at risk. The only one who seems to take advantage of the situation is Camilla Parker Bawles who finally no longer sees herself overshadowed by her daughter-in-law, who has spared no evil and vitriolic jokes, despite the difficult situation she is experiencing.

Thus, regardless of Kate's sufferings, Camilla takes the opportunity to run happily through the vineyards of a well-known farm and to toast "to the health" of her daughter-in-law with a nice glass of white wine, dreaming of being crowned queen.

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