Pregnant music: rock makes children more stupid

Pregnant music: rock makes children more stupid

Rock music and pregnancy are not a virtuous combination: recent studies show, in fact, that not all musical genres are beneficial for the cognitive development of the unborn

Listening to rock music during pregnancy is not recommended: future mothers must therefore delete all the tracks belonging to this genre from their playlists. At stake is the intellectual quotient of the child they carry in their womb: recent studies have stated that listening to sustained rhythms and non-harmonic sounds could delay its cognitive development.

The news is really disconcerting: for many decades, in fact, every future mother has been told that exposing her child to musical stimuli during the gestational period is one of the best methods to guarantee an unborn, if not extraordinary intelligence to the unborn child. less adequate.

No one, however, had yet informed them to pay attention to the musical genre: in fact, while a Mozart sonata can have beneficial effects on the child's future reasoning abilities, it would unfortunately not be possible to affirm the same thing as the rock & roll songs.

In fact, the Tool effect that takes its name from the US progressive metal band has been theorized. It is based on the fact that listening to music written in 6½ / 8 or in 5/4 (rhythms often chosen by the Tools to compose their own pieces) is perceived by the brain as dissonant and therefore is not, in some way, positive for its health .

This kind of musical meter, typical of rock & roll music, would put in a few words the cerebral sensitivity to frequencies perceived as anomalous: the spatial and temporal discrimination proper to the auditory cortex would therefore be permanently compromised.

According to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, in addition, being subjected to these stimuli during embryonic life and early childhood could cause behavioral disorders even quite serious such as sociopathy, aggression and narcissism, just to name a few.

In short, the list of things not to do during pregnancy seems to have increased by a further voice: not listening to rock music for 9 months, however, should be a bearable price to pay for the welfare of the unborn child.

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