Premature ejaculation: men, heal yourself!

Premature ejaculation: men, heal yourself!

One Italian out of eight suffers. But few turn to a specialist (out of shame). Thus self-esteem collapses and the relationship dies

"This problem I have been living with my husband constantly for several years, now I am 37. His times are very short, within minutes he arrives at his destination. I have always tried to talk to him but he never wanted to hear about it, and over the years I have had to repress my being a woman because for him it is systematically my fault if he arrives in two seconds, every time the story repeats itself and repeats: you are move, you did this, I got distracted and so on. Conclusion? In front of the wall of ignorance despite suffering tremendously, I became a lover and I was reborn as a woman !!!! It's something I never wanted EVER, but I was dying inside »this is the testimony of one of our readers, who signs herself Alias ​​to remain in anonymity. But there are many stories like his.

Misfiring is not a problem, it happens to all men once in a while. It is different if premature ejaculation and erection problems are constant. The data are alarming: one Italian out of eight suffers from erectile dysfunction. The good news is that of course there is a remedy. Just contact the specialists.

The extent of erectile dysfunction in Italy is not to be underestimated: over 3 million men suffer, as many as people with diabetes.

Many women face the problem with their partner and many men, because of shame and / or lack of care and culture, refuse to face the issue thinking that it is irretrievable or that it is unbecoming to admit to the doctor that they have certain problems. And so we refer everything to the next misfiring. Until self-esteem collapses and the relationship slowly dies. And to suffer we are in two: her and him. Has it ever happened to you? And how did you get out?

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