Prepare baby food at home, quality and safety for our children

Prepare baby food at home, quality and safety for our children

How to prepare homogenized foods naturally with your own hands

The weaning phase is very important for every child. It is a fundamental process for its development and a source of concern for all mothers. In fact, one is often assailed by doubts and one wonders if the products that they choose for the newborn are safe. One of the first foods given to newborns is the fruit homogenate. It would therefore be good to avoid buying ready-made foods containing added sugar and preservatives, and prepare them with your own hands.

Fruit is one of the first foods recommended by the pediatrician. As a rule it is good to follow his advice and avoid anticipating the introduction of other foods to avoid the risk of the child developing food allergies and intolerances.
The apple and the pear are among the most suitable fruits for the first homogenized. Better if of biological origin.

The recipe for an apple homogenate is as follows. Take an apple, with an ideal weight of 200 grams, and peel it. Cut it into small pieces and steam it. After about 10 minutes, remove it from the heat and blend it with a blender. Once blended, wait for the homogenate to cool and if the consistency is too thick, add milk or rice cream.

For the homogenized pear follow the same procedure.
If you have a food processor you can cook and blend the fruit directly in the appliance.
You can also prepare a homogenate with both fruits; just use half an apple and half a pear and follow the same procedure.

To maintain the properties of fruit unaltered, it is good to consume the homogenate immediately.
If you need to prepare it first you can store it in hermetically sealed glass jars. Fill them with the still hot product to avoid the formation of bacteria. Once the jar is open, store it immediately in the fridge and consume it within 24 hours.

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