Prepare your wardrobe for the summer with the trendiest garments, signed by Zara!

Estate trendy Zara

For a summer at the top, prepare your wardrobe with the trendiest garments of the moment, all signed by Zara! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you which garments to buy to keep up with the trends, spending little!

You are already planning your summer vacation, you have booked the trip, the plane, the overnight stay. You are also drawing up the best itinerary but then ti you realize that you are missing the most important thing: the suitcase ready with the trendiest items of the summer! So what to do? Go out, go to your favorite store and buy the first things you see. Mistaken! Because today, on this branded style guide CheWoman we will see the trendiest items of summer 2022, to be purchased for less than € 50, at Zara!

Trendy summer Zara

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Not everything we find in our favorite stores are clothes in step with trends. Because the collections of the various brands are made up of basic items, elegant, casual and trendy items. Therefore when we go shopping we must always keep in mind which items we want to buy.

For example, what are the trendiest garments for the summer to buy for less than € 50 from Zara? You are on the right style guide, because today we will see just 4 garments in line with the trends for summer 2022, to buy for very little!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Be trendy in summer with Zara! Dress, bell shorts, satin skirt and sandal, these are the things you need!

You don’t need to buy your entire wardrobe every year, but you need to know the trends. Once you have studied the fashions, there is only one step to take: buy the few items that are trendy for the year in question and combine them with the more basic ones we already have in our wardrobe. Because to be fashionable you must also be careful of waste!

Trendy summer Zara

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what are the 4 garments to buy from Zara for less than € 50 for a summer at the top!

  • printed dress with back opening: it’s not summer without a patterned mini dress. Coral base with V-neckline and wide shoulder strap, available for purchase from Zara and € 39.95.
  • medium heel sandals with straps: a good low-heeled sandal is the shoe that you can wear on all looks, from the most elegant to the most casual. White, with low stiletto heel and straps, from Zara for € 39.95.
  • satin skirt with buttons: having a trendy skirt allows you to use it even with the most basic garments. To choose in electric blue, with side buttons, from Zara for € 29.95.
  • linen bermuda shorts: last, but not least, is the high-waisted linen Bermuda shorts with a wide leg. Also great for working days in the summer. Cost € 25.95. By the way, do you know which costume suits your physicality the most? Here’s which one to choose!

Trendy summer Zara

Photo from Zara Official Site

Also for today ends here the most fashionable style guide ever, the one with the license plate CheWoman who saw which are the 4 trendiest items to buy from Zara for less than € 50 to spend the summer in the name of fashion!

To the next style guide, fashion and fun are guaranteed!

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