Pressure at 12 years: the correct values ​​and when to worry

Pressure at 12 years: the correct values ​​and when to worry

Pressure is an important parameter in children. Here are the correct values ​​at 12 and when to worry

What are the correct values ​​of pressure at 12 and when should you worry?

Blood pressure is a very important parameter not only in adults but also in children. For this reason it should be measured frequently, to discover the presence of possible pathologies and to prevent future problems. In children the pressure starts to monitor starting from the third year of age. This is because they lack reference guidelines for the first few years of life, as paediatrics is a still relatively "young" branch of medicine.

The pressure indicates the force with which the blood is pushed into the vessels by the heart pump, the higher it is, the more effort is made by the heart. In children, this value is closely linked to age: at birth, children have a decidedly low pressure that increases progressively until adolescence.

For this reason it is essential to always keep this parameter under control, monitoring its changes to avoid experiencing hypertension problems. This condition is not uncommon in pediatric age and, according to the latest statistics, affects more and more children. In children the problem can lead to serious consequences, causing a cardiovascular risk and, much more often, left ventricular hypertrophy.

In children between the ages of 10 and 12 the maximum pressure should be between 122 and 125 mmHg, while the minimum between 78 and 81 mmHG. Higher or lower values ​​could indicate the presence of imbalances and problems, so it is important to always keep this parameter under control and measure it often, both during routine visits and at home.

In the presence of hypertension the pediatrician will submit the small patient to a therapy to bring the pressure back to normal levels. Usually we do not use drugs, but it is essential to change the lifestyle of the child, pushing him to follow a balanced diet, low in salt and rich in essential nutrients, and to practice a sport that protects him from overweight and obesity .

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