Pressure at 50 years: the correct values ​​and when to worry

Pressure at 50 years: the correct values ​​and when to worry

What are the correct pressure values ​​at 50? Here's when to worry

What are the correct values ​​of pressure at 50 and when should you worry?

As we age we tend to pay much more attention to measuring blood pressure, as it can indicate the presence of any pathologies and problems in the body. For this reason it is essential to know the optimal parameters and learn to interpret the results of the sphygmomanometer. The "normal" pressure values ​​are around 120 maximum and 80 minimum, outside of this range we speak of hypertension or hypotension.

According to experts, if the maximum is between 120/139 and the minimum between 80/89, we are in the presence of pre-hypertension. The values ​​of hypertension instead are 150/159 – 90/99 in the case of I stage and 160 – 100 if you are in the II stage. If the maximum exceeds 140 mmHg and the minimum is equal to 90 mmHg, it is called isolated systolic hypertension. Pressure measurement can be influenced by many factors. Not only your mental state (if the patient is stressed or agitated), but also the physical conditions (illness, smoking or use of alcoholic beverages).

It is therefore not surprising that the parameters can also vary according to age. For example, those between the ages of 45 and 49 should have pressure values ​​between 115/80 and 139/88. Exceeded the age of 50, however, the range within which it is necessary to return to be healthy is that of 116/81 minimum and 142/89 maximum. Between 55 and 59 years instead the level is expected between 118/82 and 144/90.

The pressure should be measured daily, with the help of the right equipment and following the advice of the doctor. To keep it under control and avoid suffering from hypertension or hypotension it is always better to adopt a healthy lifestyle, following a balanced diet (and poor in salt), avoiding smoking and alcohol, but also practicing sports. In any case, if the recorded values ​​are not those indicated for one's age, it is advisable to consult a specialist who will be able to provide the right therapy to bring the pressure back to optimal levels.

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