Pressure drops, symptoms not to be overlooked and natural remedies

Pressure drops, symptoms not to be overlooked and natural remedies

Pressure drops are a problem that affects many people. Here's how to recognize them and treat them with natural remedies.

Fatigue, difficulty in standing and dizziness: these are just some of the symptoms of pressure drops.

It is a problem that affects many people and manifests itself in the form of an inexplicable weakness that comes suddenly, while the heartbeat increases. Many people suffer even those who have never had any particular health problems. What are the causes of this disease? Usually a sudden movement, but also dehydration caused by the heat or a period of stress. Most of the time the pressure drops are related to an unbalanced diet or an excess of physical activity.

What to do in these cases? If the pressure suddenly drops due to a fast movement and you risk fainting, always try to stay calm. In these cases, in fact, the body is not able to quickly adapt the rhythm of blood circulation. Lie down, raising your legs and stay like this for a few minutes, until the uncomfortable situation passes.

Pressure drops often occur in summer, when you sweat a lot and don't drink enough. For this reason it is necessary to drink some water at room temperature, coffee and tea that are very sweet are also excellent, to provide the body with the mineral salts it needs. If hypotension is caused by intense physical exertion, opt for a small piece of Parmesan or a slice of raw ham with a bit of crackers. Alternatively – especially if it is an emergency – you can melt a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water.

To combat pressure drops, choose also dried fruit and a fresh vegetable to munch on (carrots for example). Bananas, dates, melon, peaches, grapes and almonds are also excellent. At the table, potatoes, spinach and courgettes should not be missing either. Finally, another natural emergency remedy is licorice, perfect for increasing blood pressure. If you suffer from hypotension, buy it in herbal medicine and always keep it in your handbag.

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