Pret a bebè: shopping and saving for children

Pret a bebè: shopping and saving for children

During pregnancy, we must prepare ourselves to best accommodate the baby who is about to arrive. Which, to the delight of mothers, means shopping! In fact, the infant will need a whole series of objects and clothing suitable for him. Here are some tips for buying essentials with an eye to the wallet.

Savings tips
The password to save on purchases for the baby on arrival? Shops and outlets, gifts and targeted purchases. From the onesie to the stroller, from the diapers to the pacifier, any product for our baby can be purchased in outlets or outlets where the best brands are found at discounted prices.
We then think of all the gifts that relatives and friends will give us for the birth of the baby. To make the best use of this "resource" we could bring out a bit of a tough face and organize a kind of birth list. For example, we could talk to our mother about the changing table that we like so much, to our best friend of a bodysuit that we have seen. In this way we will remove those close to us from the embarrassment of choice and we will be sure to receive useful gifts.
Finally, the best way to save money is to have clear ideas about what we actually need and what is superfluous. Babies in the first year of life grow very fast, so let's avoid buying tons of rompers, for example, which, however adorable, will never enter our baby in two months!
Let's see together what are the essentials for the baby on arrival.

What is needed for the hospital
For hospitalization, which lasts on average 3-4 days for a spontaneous birth and 5 days for a cesarean section, our baby will need 5-6 changes consisting of: underwear shirt or leotard and onesie with feet, plus a cover for the cradle in the room.

At home with the baby
Once at home, our little one will need shirts, rompers, navel nets, pajamas and socks. We remind you that natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, hemp and silk are always preferred for baby clothing. Clothing must be simple, soft and possibly free of ribbons and laces in which fingers can be caught, with buttons and seams that do not irritate the skin and with the opening to insert the head sufficiently wide.

Various indispensable
Let's not forget the terry bibs (at least 8) and a good supply of diapers. In some birth centers, the discharge of the baby without a pacifier is foreseen, but in the vast majority of cases the pacifier will be among the essentials to have at home.

Furnishings and complements
For the first six months of life, the baby will need a cot to sleep in. It is also possible to buy the cot directly and use it from the first months of life, but in this case a reducer will be needed. Sheets and covers will be preferred in natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic fibers. We will then need a changing table and a baby bath tub.

Transport systems
Our baby will need a pram. The dilemma whether to buy the single object or a trio system consisting of a pram, carrycot and stroller can only be solved by assessing individual needs. Modular systems are usually less expensive, but single wheelchairs tend to be more spacious and can be used instead of the cradle in the first months of life to make the baby sleep.
The purchase of a standard car seat, approved by European safety systems, is also essential. To avoid unnecessary purchases (and therefore expenses), we make sure that the seat is suitable for our car model, is comfortable to assemble / disassemble if we plan to move it from one car to another and has a simple but resistant closure system.


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