Pretelli, because it ended with Ariadna: "I respected her choice"

Ariadna Romero

Pierpaolo Pretelli is back to talk about the ex-partner Ariadna Romero, the splendid Cuban model with whom he maintained good relations also for the love of his son Leonardo

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Even the most intense love stories can come to a point: the happy ending – although we like it so much – is not so obvious. This is the case of the love story between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Ariadna Romero, a couple on which fans have placed so many hopes but who have never found a meeting point.

In an interview with Diva and Donna, the former velino of Striscia la Notizia and competitor of the GF Vip returned to talk about his former partner. From their love was born a son, Leonardo, for whom they have maintained a good relationship. When children are involved it is inevitable to think about their good and both Pretelli and the splendid Ariadna, as loving parents, have always tried to put little Leo first.

Pretelli explained why it didn't work out between them: “Ariadna? It was a great love and there is a lot of respect between us. We already tried again last May, but I respected his choice, his decision, the awareness of what can be given or not in a possible return. Our goal, as parents, is to always and only act for the good of Leo “.

So the decision, in fact, would have been the beautiful Ariadna. The Cuban model in January 2021, a guest of Casa Chi while Pretelli was in the GF Vip's house, indulged in some statements about her former partner: "We had a beautiful love story with Pierpaolo. When love ended, since we have a baby, he remained a family for me. The same goes for him. When he saw me at GF Vip he saw a shoulder, but I don't think he's in love with me, just as I'm not in love with him ".

In addition, he had also added some details regarding the latest implications of a love story that, after the birth of little Leo, experienced many ups and downs, until his final farewell: "Between me Pierpaolo what went wrong? There was no betrayal, but (…) I left and while I was in Miami we had a very bad discussion and I told him not to let others influence him but unfortunately he did. (…) After this fight he sent me a message leaving me, or rather, from the phone of his friend's girlfriend, and my world broke down ”.

In short, a relationship between the former gieffino and the beautiful model that was not destined to last. Something broke and the couple failed to remedy it. After the last attempt by Pretelli to try again with the former partner, she made the last decision not to continue. But the two remained tied for the sake of their son, who never lacked anything.

“When a door is closed, a door opens”, says the saying. Now Pierpaolo Pretelli is enjoying the love story with Giulia Salemi, with whom he shared the last months of living together in the most spied on house in Italy. Between the two things are proceeding at full speed and seem to become more and more serious, to the point that Pretelli on Easter day has decided to officially introduce little Leo to his Giulia. An important step, which establishes a union that is certainly destined to last.

There is no news of Ariadna Romero regarding her private and sentimental life. Yet just a few days ago a photo that appeared on Instagram sparked fan comments. It was published by the actor Emanuel Caserio, famous for his participation in the soap Il Paradiso delle Signore and in the talk by Serena Bortone Today is another day. The shot portrays them happy and smiling, as they enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the park but the two have not confirmed or denied the rumors about the alleged relationship.

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