Pretelli clarifies the relationship with Gregoraci and reveals an encounter

Pretelli clarifies the relationship with Gregoraci and reveals an encounter

Pretelli clarifies the relationship with Elisabetta Gregoraci again and reveals an encounter

Pierpaolo Pretelli clarifies the relationship with Elisabetta Gregoraci and reveals a meeting after the end of the GF Vip. In the Cinecittà House, the ex-velino di Striscia and the showgirl had come very close to each other so much that there was also talk of a possible love story. However, Flavio Briatore's ex wife had always talked about a friendship that could never be transformed into another, refusing Pierpaolo's courtship.

After leaving Elisabetta's house, Pretelli began a love affair with Giulia Salemi that continues even away from the cameras. The love story with the influencer has been criticized several times by the "Gregorelli" fans who still hope for a link between Gregoraci and Pierpaolo. The model said he met the showgirl after finishing the reality show, but he did it for work. For the rest, he would have avoided any contact out of respect for Salemi.

“My story with Giulia designed for business? Invented nonsense – he confided to Novella 2000 -. On social media there are lines of fans who clash daily. There are the Gregorellis who dreamed of my engagement with Elisabetta Gregoraci. We met with Elisabetta after the end of the reality show, but for work reasons. I have always avoided contacting her or making friends. This is out of respect for Giulia. Nothing could be born with Eli and this was because she had set up stakes. You keep braking right from the start, but it seems people don't want to accept it. "

Today Pierpaolo seems to have put an end to his infatuation with Elisabetta Gregoraci and is ready to make the most of his bond with Giulia Salemi. The model revealed that it would also be able to resolve conflicts with the family that initially did not seem favorable to the romance. In particular, the statements of Giulio, Pierpaolo's brother, had been discussed. “He and I have talked about this for a long time – he said -. I'm sorry for what happened. I understand that Giulio Sia went on TV to talk about me. This is normal, so many relatives and friends do it. But my brother must understand that when you declare something on TV or in the newspapers, then you have to take responsibility for it. Now we have made peace, he has met Giulia ”.

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