Preventing back pain with sport

Preventing back pain with sport

The onset of back pain does not limit the practice of sport, just choose the most suitable one and keep away from harmful ones

More and more people, due to sedentary life, suffer from back pain and one of the many solutions is the practice of sport. However, in order to prevent these pains from turning into more dangerous pathologies, it is necessary to choose the sport practice that best suits your health. In the presence of chronic and non-temporary pain (that is, that does not pass by simple rest), the most suitable sports are: pilates, yoga, swimming, belly dancing, tai chi and water aerobics. Among those to avoid, however: tennis, volleyball, racing bike, jogging downhill skiing, squash, basketball and some swimming disciplines.

Yoga stretches the back and at the same time removes stress and promotes the flow of blood to the muscles. Pilates and tai chi lead to muscle relaxation, particularly in the lumbar region. Swimming includes only a few disciplines suitable for back pain sufferers. Backstroke swimming that does not tire the back is preferred, while freestyle is to be avoided especially if you suffer from a back bend. As for the walk, it must take place through the use of suitable shoes and in purely flat places and without bad areas. This sport strengthens the muscles without creating problems in the lumbar area and helps prevent back pain. Gym exercises can also help those with this condition.

As for the sports to be avoided, as already stated above, attention must be paid to all those that lead to jerks, twists and strong stresses on the spine. Avoid tennis, jogging, downhill skiing, volleyball and basketball. All of these can lead to the onset of microtraumas in the back. Fencing offers postural help but is not recommended for those suffering from cervical, muscle inflammation or those who have a herniated disc. It is good to remember that if you suffer from temporary and non-chronic back pain, all these sports can be practiced after a certain period of rest. In addition, thermotherapy can be used to avoid the onset of back pain. It consists in the use of heat on areas affected by pain thus avoiding the use of drugs.

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