Primal diet, lose weight without renouncing carbohydrates

Primal diet, lose weight without renouncing carbohydrates

The Primal diet is the heir of the now famous Paleolithic diet and allows you to get back into shape by eating carbohydrates

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After having depopulated in the United States, the Primal diet has also arrived in Italy. It is a diet that allows you to lose weight without giving up carbohydrates.

The Primal diet is the heir of the Paleolithic diet, which over the years has sparked a heated debate in the scientific world. These two food programs are very similar, but the Paleolithic diet is much healthier and more flexible than its "twin" because it allows for a supply of carbohydrates and fats.

How does it work? Unlike the Paleolithic diet, which excludes all foods that were not part of human nutrition in the Paleolithic, Primal focuses on simple and unprocessed foods, eliminating industrial and processed products. Conceived by the expert Mark Sisson, it provides a decidedly flexible menu, in which it is possible to insert sometimes even prohibited foods.

The weight loss regime also depends on individual habits, but still requires a consumption of carbohydrates that can reach the maximum limit of 150 grams per day. The foods that make up the daily menu are therefore the same as in the Paleolithic diet. We therefore find eggs, fish, meat and game, which must be from organic farms and must be combined with seasonal vegetables.

Cheese and dairy products are also allowed, to be consumed in moderation, and good fats derived from extra virgin olive oil, avocado, coconut (fruit, oil and milk), extra dark chocolate and nuts. Those who love carbohydrates can also add basmati or wholegrain rice to the daily diet, as well as quinoa and potatoes. Fruit, especially those rich in sugars, should be chosen carefully and never overdo it.

The day of the Primal diet starts with a cup of sugar-free coffee accompanied by two scrambled eggs and an orange juice. At lunch, enjoy a seasoned sea bream with cherry tomatoes and herbs, accompanied by steamed vegetables and seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. At dinner you can enjoy baked potatoes with mushrooms, followed by a side dish of salad. As a snack you can choose a seasonal fruit or almonds.

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