Primary math for all learning styles

Primary math for all learning styles

Primary math is a subject within everyone’s reach and must be accessible for all learning styles

Mind maps, audio readings, accessible fonts: these are just some of the features of the lessons dedicated to primary school pupils.

Mathematics is a subject for everyone

Mathematics is a difficult subject for many boys and girls to learn. For this reason, on all the contents are designed to make learning easier, thanks to concrete examples, related to the everyday world, and fun, thanks to maps, games and quizzes and the presence of the 4 monsters (Oscar, Albert, Rita, Lisa) who help overcome the fear of mathematics.

The platform is based on gamification principles: each lesson has exercises at 3 levels of increasing difficulty, by solving the exercises correctly you accumulate points, which are used to buy Avatars, you enter the rankings, you level up and you get diplomas.

The lessons are full of images, cartoons, paper games to print, interactive exercises such as quizzes, accompanied by simple explanations, all accompanied by a constant attention to accessibility for all learning styles. In particular, it is possible to choose the reading character and there are special interactive exercises to learn the four basic operations (Interactive Number Line and Interactive Pythagorean Table) and the equivalences (Interactive Equivalence Bar).

Arithmetic narrated mind maps

In this perspective, mind maps are a valuable tool for students with SLD, because they help to memorize the main concepts from which to develop reasoning. So remembering the terms and properties of operations, the types of fractions, the steps to follow to solve a problem or the order of operations to be performed in expressions is easier. All the more so if to help you read the map there is a video in which the narrator explains the connections by adding examples to make the concept learned more concrete.

Would you like to know more? Watch the new video maps of Arithmetic for Primary School.

But the news does not end here! Also try the English lessons full of printable games such as flashcards, dominoes and matching pairs. And if you want to experience the value of interdisciplinarity right from Primary School, also discover mathematics in English.

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