Primary School Italian for all learning styles

Primary School Italian for all learning styles

Mind maps, audio readings, accessible fonts: these are just some of the features useful for primary school pupils.

Primary School Italian for all learning styles. Mind maps, audio readings, accessible fonts: these are just some of the features useful for primary school pupils.

Primary school Italian for all learning styles, to learn to read and write in a simple and fun way.

A concrete and applied grammar

The study of the Italian language presents many pitfalls for primary school boys and girls. Starting with grammar! The spelling peculiarities, the verbal conjugations and all the exceptions risk frightening and, if studied mnemonically, they can seem a useless effort without direct practical application. Grammatical rules, however, should only be seen as a useless cage of abstract constraints, but as the means by which we can express ourselves both in writing and orally, making ourselves understood by others.

On the section dedicated to grammar is full of examples, mind maps, also narrated in the form of videos, and interactive exercises explained that help to understand the concrete application of the theoretical topics studied. All with the incentive of gamification, because the game is the best way to learn.

Reading and comprehension tests for all tastes

But the pitfalls aren’t just about grammar! Reading comprehension, for example, is an exercise that requires training. For this reason, has dedicated numerous lessons to this topic, with texts of different types and of increasing complexity to accompany the pupils of the Primary School from the first to the fifth. No text should be underestimated and even short dialogues can lend themselves to questions that require some reasoning to deduce the necessary information. The choice of tales and tales bearing a moral is another ingredient to capture interest and stimulate curiosity.

Each piece is accompanied by its audio reading in the form of video or with the help of Text to Speech. This also helps boys and girls with reading difficulties, as well as the ability to choose the type of font with which to read the lessons and related texts. The platform offers the possibility to customize the font and the texts to download are also available in upper case. In short, there is plenty of choice to test yourself with the new reading and comprehension lessons for Primary.

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