Primary school with only one enrolled (and three teachers)

Primary school with only one enrolled (and three teachers)

In Trasquera, a small mountain village, there is a school with only one member and three teachers

Elementary school with only one registered Source: Facebook

The Trasquera elementary school has reached a record in Italy. It is in fact the educational institution with fewer students (only one) and more teachers (three) in our country. This small mountain village in the extreme north of the Ossola valley, in Piedmont, counts this year only one member. She is little Ingrid, she is 10 years old, she is in fifth grade and has three teachers.

Trasquera is located at 1,100 meters above sea level, has today 370 residents and is about 12 kilometers from the village of Varzo. In winter, however, reaching up to it is practically impossible due to the hairpin bends that fill with ice and snow. The school cannot equip itself with a school bus or a driver and the costs of the structure are totally supported by the Municipality and the Region through a mountain law.

However, for the mayor of Trasquera this school is very important and, even if it is attended by only one student, it has the right and the duty to remain open. "We're not kidding. If we want the mountain not to spill over, that these places do not become prey to disaster, we must ensure that young families stay here. And the first service to be guaranteed is education "explained Arturo Lincio." If instead of closing schools in the disadvantaged villages we would bring together those where roads and connections are easy, we would save ten times more. And then in 2021 we will have nine members ”.

Ingrid, for her part, does not seem at all upset at the idea of ​​being at school, alone, struggling with three teachers, between questions and tasks in the classroom. "It is an adventure for me too" explained Monica Egoli, who with the small student spends 22 of the 27 hours a week planned "having only one student allows you to deepen better each topic, with Ingrid we are friends, we also give you tu. Of course the disadvantage is that the child is always alone, does not interact with other peers ".

Ingrid is also satisfied and dreams of continuing to live in the mountains, perhaps becoming a cook or a pastry chef. "I can play in the meadows without danger and I have friends and friends, older than me. The future? I hope to continue living here and become a good cook or pastry chef, "he said.

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