Prince Charles, ready to drive out Sarah Ferguson and her brother Andrea

Prince Charles, ready to drive out Sarah Ferguson and her brother Andrea

Prince Charles seems to be very determined: he wants to evict Sarah Ferguson and her brother Andrea from the Royal Lodge

Prince Charles, being the direct heir to the throne of Queen Elizabeth, often finds himself having to solve headaches and problems. His position is not at all simple and relations with the rest of the Royal Family are always very delicate. And after the long-distance war with his second son Harry, there is also the one with Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of his brother Andrea.

To anger Carlo not only the heavy legal events involving Prince Andrew and which irremediably affect the entire Royal Family, but also the choices that the latter took together with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The two, who are parents of Eugenia and Beatrice, divorced back in 1996. Despite their marriage having ended, the Duchess continues to frequent the royal circles and, above all, to live in the luxurious Royal Lodge in Windsor park, where she was moved with her ex-husband in 2008.

The Royal Lodge is truly special: it is located only three miles from Queen Elizabeth's residence in Windsor and has approximately 30 rooms. Sarah Ferguson continues to live there with Prince Andrew despite the separation, and it is there that she gave some interviews, in some of which she recalled her relationship with Lady Diana and her suffering at Court.

Interviews that, of course, must not have sweetened Prince Charles who much prefers confidentiality and who, at the same time, finds himself undergoing the requests of his brother Edoardo and all the statements of Harry and Meghan. He is also very concerned about what his second son will leak in his new publishing project: a memoir.

According to what was reported by the Daily Express, Carlo would really intend to evict both Sarah Ferguson, whose presence in the Royal Lodge he finds particularly irritating, and his brother Andrea, probably because of the legal scandals that involve him.

To complicate the situation, however, Queen Elizabeth who, on the other hand, seems to have a good relationship with Sarah Ferguson, so much so as to allow her to attend Balmoral despite her divorce with Prince Andrew. He also loves having his son close by.

In short, there is no peace for Prince Charles: implementing his vision for the future of the English monarchy seems increasingly complicated. Keeping the family together is now a real undertaking. Will he be able to carry out his plans without causing new dangerous fractures?

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