Prince Philip hospitalized, the real reason for Charles' visit

Principe Filippo ricoverato, il vero motivo della visita di Carlo

Charles's visit to the hospitalized Prince Philip had caused great concern. Instead, the Duke of Edinburgh would have summoned him

Prince Philip, 99, is still hospitalized. A stay that began on February 17 last, caused by an infection, and which, as Buckingam Palace had already pre-announced, is proving to be very long. And, while letting doctors and nurses take care of him, the Duke of Edinburgh doesn't forget to look after his family.

After about two weeks of hospitalization at King Edward VII Hospital, the consort of Queen Elizabeth II is responding well to treatment, is resting and, above all, is keeping her spirits high with extreme determination. The date of the homecoming, however, still seems to be far away. His loved ones, although busy with institutional commitments, have not forgotten him and in recent days Prince Charles, his eldest son, went to the hospital to visit him.

Apparently, however, the visit from Carlo, who had caused much concern, would not have been entirely spontaneous and dictated only by the simple will of the latter to be able to see for himself the state of health of his father. To ask for his presence, however, it would have been Philip, eager to be able to speak with him face to face. This was revealed by the former press secretary of Queen Dickie Arbiter.

The Duke of Edinburgh is, in fact, well aware of the ever-increasing importance of the role of Charles within the English monarchy. In the future, barring twists and turns, he will be the one to occupy the place of Queen Elizabeth. For this reason, Prince Philip has decided to summon his son to talk about what will happen to the entire Royal Family and to the country.

Dickie Arbiter, during an interview with True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, explained that Prince Philip, who will turn 100 in June, is more concerned about the future of the monarchy than about his health. On the other hand, the Royal Family has recently undergone strong upheavals: Harry, brother of Charles's heir, William, has decided to give up titles, privileges and duties, in order to live a more peaceful life with his wife Meghan Markle, currently pregnant with her second child.

Charles, once he becomes King, will therefore have to be able to manage any tension and keep the Royal Family together. And, although he will most likely return home soon, according to Arbiter's hypotheses, Filippo nevertheless wanted to remind his son that he will soon be the main man of the family.

Will Carlo, who is extremely fond of his parents, be ready to play the role of King in the future, to keep his commitments and, at the same time, to keep his family together?

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