Prince Philip, ironic to the end: his last words with Charles

Prince Philip, ironic to the end: his last words with Charles

After the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, the eldest son Charles wanted to tell the details of their last conversation

Queen Elizabeth, a subdued look for Philip’s birthday

Ironic, intelligent, romantic. Prince Philip was all this and much more, just as Charles recounted in the BBC documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers. As reported by the Daily Mail, the Prince of Wales wanted to reveal what his father’s last words were, a few days after his death on April 9 and at the age of 99.

Carlo explained that he involved his father in the preparations for his 100th birthday celebrations, with events that the Duke of Edinburgh would have gladly avoided. “We are talking about your birthday”, the son had revealed to him, but Philip’s response came relentlessly: “Well, I have to be alive for that, right?”.

The day after this very funny exchange, Filippo left his beloved family and the Queen forever, who he still decided to protect until the last through a will that he wanted to keep private for the next 90 years. And, despite his often being out of line, it was the husband that Elisabetta always dreamed of.

His grandsons Harry and Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne, also took part in the BBC documentary. For Harry, his grandfather Philip has been the perfect husband and the Queen’s shoulder throughout the 73 years of marriage they have lived together. Zara, on the other hand, went into the details of the recent times she lived in the hospital: “He was getting old and couldn’t stand it. He was the worst patient in the world. We were never ready to lose him, because he has always been with us ”.

Philip was not, therefore, only the prince consort but he was much more. He was the pillar of an entire family, which sometimes needed support to get out of difficult times. He has always been there, with them, carrying the weight of the monarchy for Elizabeth’s sake.

Because of his character and his support for the family, Prince Philip has also been defined as the glue of the Windsors. Now that he’s gone, his role appears to have been filled by Kate Middleton, who is also trying to get Harry and Meghan back to London for Christmas. Not an easy task, especially after the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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