Prince Philip, the last words to Charles and the farewell of his children Anna and Edoardo

Prince Philip, the last words to Charles and the farewell of his children Anna and Edoardo

During his hospitalization, Prince Philip had a private conversation with his son Charles where he also spoke about the Queen

Farewell to Prince Philip: difficult childhood, love for the Queen and grandchildren

The disappearance of Prince Philip left a great void in the hearts of the Royal Family and in those of the people. The Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized last February for a heart infection that seemed to have cleared up, but passed away three weeks after being discharged from the hospital.

According to sources very close to the Crown, Philip asked to see Prince Charles during his hospitalization. The Duke, in one of his last meetings with his eldest son, asked him to take care of the Queen and left Charles with advice on how to lead the Royal Family for years to come. And then, fully aware that it would be difficult to recover after weeks in the hospital, he expressed the desire to finally return home: Philip wanted to go to his bed, inside the walls of Windsor Castle.

The last few years for father and son have been very important to mend their relationships, often marked by discordant discussions and points of view, and especially in recent months they have been closer than ever. "They both softened," confessed a source close to the court. "In recent years they have accepted each other's point of view much more. They have always loved each other, this has never been questioned. But there was a deeper respect that was growing ".

The grief for the loss of their father obviously affected Queen Elizabeth's other children as well. Princess Anne paid tribute to Prince Philip with a very sweet message: “You know it's going to happen but you're never really ready. My father was my teacher, my supporter and my most severe critic, but above all it is his example of a life well lived and of his service that I wanted to emulate more ”.

For Edoardo the disappearance of his father was sudden and brought with it great pain: “No matter how hard we try to prepare for it, it is still a terrible shock and we are still trying to come to terms with it. It is very, very sad. But I must say that the extraordinary tributes and the memories that everyone was able to share were fantastic. It proved that he could have been our father, grandfather, father-in-law and he meant so much to so many other people ”.

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