Prince Philip, William's words after admission

Prince Philip, William's words after admission

After the worrying news circulated following the hospitalization of Prince Philip, William reassured his subjects

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Prince Philip, who has been hospitalized since February 17 at King Edward VII Hospital in London, would be fine. This was confirmed by Prince William, who, pressed by journalists during a visit to a center for anti-Covid vaccinations in King's Lynn, Norfolk, released a statement on his grandfather's health conditions.

"He is fine and the doctors are keeping an eye on him, even though the Duke of Edinburgh will still remain in hospital," said Prince William, specifying that Queen Elizabeth's consort will remain hospitalized following an unspecified illness as a precaution.

The words of the Duke of Cambridge came at the right moment to reassure the subjects, who, after Charles' visit, were alarmed, thinking that Prince Philip was now dying.

Moreover, the news released by Buckingham Palace had not been too exhaustive: “The Duke's hospitalization is a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness's doctor, after he fell ill. The Duke should remain in hospital under observation for a few days ”, read the note released.

A second note from the Palazzo worried public opinion: "After consulting his doctor, the Duke of Edinburgh will remain in hospital for observation and rest over the weekend and until next week. The doctor is acting very carefully. The Duke remains in a good mood ”.

In the meantime, the news of Charles's visit, given the situation and the rules imposed by the pandemic, had done nothing but increase the apprehension for Prince Philip, who will turn 100 next June. According to reports from the BBC, the heir to the throne would have stopped for about 30 minutes and left the hospital in anguish and with shining eyes, betraying his involvement, a behavior that members of the Royal Family usually avoid.

Among other things, that of Prince Charles has so far been the only visit to Philip, an element that had made public opinion even more suspicious. But now William's words reassure about the Duke of Edinburgh's health conditions: Philip is fine and is monitored by the doctors who are following him.

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