Princess Leila: "I'm a failed bulimic"

Princess Leila: "I'm a failed bulimic"

Carrie Fisher tells in a very ironic way about the relationship with her physique. And for the new Star Wars he had to lose 16 kilos

Princess Leila is one of the protagonists of the new Star Wars episode, Star Wars – The Force Awakens. To interpret it is still the legendary Carrie Fisher who is 59 years old today and takes stock of the years that pass (SEE THE PHOTOS OF CARRIE FISHER YESTERDAY AND TODAY).

In fact, the actress told the Daily Mirror:

I look like a strange fish with gills.

And he confessed that he would do anything to change his appearance, except cosmetic surgery (star with botox).

I look purred and see my whole age. I am a failed bulimic, it is true, but people should not face their appearance as an achievement or a goal. My body and I are not friends, we don't talk to each other and lately I have been ignoring my arms above all. I never liked my appearance.


Carrie Fisher has never had a good relationship with her appearance, especially in recent times. And the new Star Wars saga has contributed to heightening this conflict. In fact, the star, together with her colleague Mark Hamill, had to get back in shape and lose 16 kilos for The Awakening of Strength (the fennel diet is excellent for deflating the belly).

Fisher did not spare even Princess Leila's new hairstyle:

It looks like a baboon's ass.

But when he talks about the film, the irony fades:

I believe that Leia has had complex life experiences, it has already been seen in the first three episodes of the saga. I look somewhat exhausted. And that's what happens after 40 years, you get tired.

The actress also had to fight her demons in real life and admitted that she had taken cocaine during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back and also with her father, singer Eddie Fisher (who passed away at 82 in 2010):

I was taking drugs because they alter you in a way that you can't change on your own if you're not comfortable in your skin.


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