Pritikin diet, lose weight with carbohydrates and extend your life

Pritikin diet, lose weight with carbohydrates and extend your life

The Pritikin Diet allows you to lose weight easily by reducing cholesterol

The human organism tends to be influenced by a mechanism called "fat instinct" which leads to the introduction of more food than is actually necessary, thus storing excess lipids.

If then this mechanism is accompanied by a sedentary life and by a scarce physical activity, here is that the fats accumulate causing the body to gain weight. The Pritikin Diet on the other hand limits the intake of fat, preferring fibers and carbohydrates allowing the reduction of cholesterol and consequently also the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Extremely rich in carbohydrates in a percentage equal to 75/80%, the Pritikin Diet sees the almost total absence of lipids, limited to a maximum of 5/10% compared to the entire expected diet, recommending also to support a healthy diet to light physical activity or walking.

What are the foods covered by the Pritikin Diet? You can freely introduce seasonal fruits and vegetables, dried legumes, whole grains and derivatives, low-fat cheeses and dairy products, yogurt, and even lean meats, preferably white, fish and seafood. Also allowed tea and coffee provided they are not sweetened.

To limit the consumption of refined sugar, artificial sugars or sweeteners, salt, condiments, alcohol, and vegetable oils, since in this latter case no Pritikin Diet recipe requires its use. Absolutely banned animal fats such as butter, chocolate, hydrogenated oils and margarine, sweets, meats, sauces and fried foods.

According to the Pritikin diet the "typical day" starts from breakfast, which can be characterized for example by a fruit, whole grains and bran, which can promote intestinal transit, accompanied by a low-fat white yogurt, a tea without sugar or a coffee .

At lunch it is preferable to combine lean or white meat, such as chicken, turkey or rabbit, with a portion of vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower or zucchini, completing it all with salad, a portion of legumes and whole wheat bread.

The Pritikin Diet also includes a light snack, a sort of "hunger break" consisting once again of a fruit or raw carrots or celery. For dinner, instead, a portion of brown rice, shrimp or clams, steamed seasonal vegetables, a fruit and tea or herbal tea.

All in all tasty, the Pritikin Diet allows you to limit the intake of fat "killer of the heart", for the benefit of our body. However, before adopting any new diet, it is always advisable and recommended to contact your doctor or nutritionist to understand if it is suitable for the real well-being of the body.

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