Product recall: do not eat this lasagna!

Product recall: do not eat this lasagna!

Lasagna sold in Monoprix stores throughout Europe is subject to a recall. In fact, certain allergens are missing from the packaging.

A new reminder issued by the official Rappel Conso platform was published yesterday. It concerns lasagna in trays, sold at Monoprix

A reminder that concerns the whole of Europe

This product is called “Bolognese lasagnette with béchamel“. It comes in the form of a 400g tray and is marketed by the P(V)RE brand. It was distributed in Monoprix stores throughout Europe, between September 21 and October 5. Batch L25723, whose use-by date is October 10, 2023, is particularly targeted.

Why is this product recalled?

The reason for recall of this product is as follows: “part of lot L25723 of the product “Lasagnette bolognese with béchamel 400g” contains another product (“Chicken Sweet & Sour”) not mentioning all the allergens present. Indeed, the product presents a “lack of labeling not mentioning the presence of the following allergens: celery, mustard and soy“.

What to do if you purchased this product?

If you have recently purchased this product, and especially if you are allergic, the government’s instructions are clear: you must not consume it but return it to the point of sale or destroy it.

It is also possible to contact consumer service, a number – – has been set up to contact the brand’s consumer service. The end date of the recall procedure is Thursday October 19, 2023.