Pronto Detto Fatto: Guaccero triumphs, but controversy breaks out

A success for the first live broadcast of Pronto Detto Fatto: Bianca Guaccero triumphs between emotions and arrows

Detto Fatto has officially changed his look: he went from Rai 2 to Instagram, inaugurating the live social network three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 14 to 15.30 on the official profile of the broadcast.

Together with Bianca Guaccero, colleagues Jonathan, Gianpaolo Gambi, Carla Gozzi, who will also accompany her on this new adventure.

A crackling start for Pronto Detto Fatto, version 2.0 of the program loved by the public: the Apulian host interacted directly with his followers from his home, who commented during the live broadcast, taking part in quizzes, games and tests with guests.

During the broadcast there was no shortage of twists: to open the episode was the intervention of Giampaolo Gambi, who took the opportunity to throw some arrows at other broadcasts that would have decided, just like Detto Fatto, to go on air through Instagram .

In fact, without words, he said: “Now they are all copying us! Suddenly social programs open! ". Guaccero could only agree, repeating it on other occasions during the live broadcast.

During the connection with Jonathan the temperature rose: Adil Rami, ex-boyfriend of Pamela Anderson and footballer of the French national team, commented live, writing to Guaccero: “She is the most beautiful of all, much more than Pamela Anderson! ".

The stylist, who knows the sportsman, immediately pointed out the comment and took the opportunity to press the presenter, who slightly embarrassed, did not mind the compliments: after all, he never made a secret of being single and looking for the 'twin soul. Jokingly Jonathan said to his friend: "But could it be that someone goes from Anderson to Guaccero?".

Unfortunately, just as the two teased each other, between jokes and laughter, the news of Lucia Bosé's disappearance arrived. Bianca Guaccero was unable to hold back her tears when she learned of the sad news:

I'm really sorry. We shot Capri 3 together. She was a mother to me, a true force of nature. I will miss you very much … I lived with you on set twenty-four hours a day.

Despite the moment of commotion live, the Apulian presenter managed to give her beloved followers a light and fun show, without disappointing the audience at home.

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