Proper nutrition to start again in the gym

Proper nutrition to start again in the gym

The diet of the gym is very particular, as it requires taking more proteins, eliminating the fats and sugars that are burned quickly. Here are the details

The power supply to go to the gym is very different from that found daily on the Internet. Although specifying, that there are variables that vary from case to case, the right diet to follow when you go to the gym and want to increase your muscle mass almost completely prohibits fat and, to a lesser extent, carbohydrates that burn quickly. This is because fats tend to settle in certain muscle areas (in women are the hips and buttocks, while in men the belly), thus making tonic muscle increase more difficult. On the other hand, carbohydrates that are quickly burnt are not recommended, as they do not bring anything useful to the body and it is recommended to eat them, without exaggerating, only and only after finishing a training session.

The nutrition of the gym is aimed at a single goal: to allow the individual to improve physically. And remembering that you are what you eat, it becomes much clearer why you need to eliminate some foods, preferring, rather, others. In particular, it is recommended to take many proteins, both animal and vegetable. Proteins of animal origin, eaten shortly after training, affect muscle growth, speeding it up. With the contribution of new useful substances, the muscle begins to build new filaments, both red and white, thus increasing strength and endurance. To all this is added the advice to carry out adequate rest and to increase the intensity training gradually and without straining too much. No need to spend whole days in a gym.

Rather, they are enough and go about an hour and a half every 3 days, so as to leave the muscles of time to rest. The diet of the gym also serves this purpose: to provide the necessary nutrients to the muscle during the rest phase. Muscle overexertion is not recommended, as it does not allow muscle fibers to be fed with adequate substances. In summary, training too much, in addition to being able to lead to various diseases and traumas of all kinds, is not even useful for muscle growth. During the rest phase, intense physical activities should be avoided precisely because of the issues explained above. In addition, it should be noted that the diet of the gym should also change based on the days during which you train. On training days, the meal should be brought forward before the training session.

This is because, as the most varied athletes and coaches advise, you have to go to train with your stomach completely empty. The reason is the same again: the muscles do not grow during training, but during rest. Thus, the more you eat while resting, the more substances are brought to the muscles, which in this way enjoy faster growth. In particular, it is recommended to eat many vegetable and animal proteins after training. On rest days, however, it is recommended to eat a lot, but in small doses. Compared to eating a lot in a few meals, this promotes better absorption of substances by the intestine, which are thus brought to the muscles in greater quantities. Contrary to popular belief, the gym workout diet includes fairly light breakfasts.

We recommend starting the day with a glass of milk and biscuits, tea with some sandwiches, cereals or something else of this kind. On the other hand, most of the specialists do not recommend eating heavy: the famous English Breakfast, or the potatoes with which you start the day in Germany, are foods that could have negative repercussions on the stomach, and therefore slow down the intake of nutrients to human muscles. Much better, from this point of view, to eat something that is easy to digest, to encourage the future supply of food to the body. On training days, this may be enough. In those of rest, however, it is recommended to intersperse breakfast and lunch with another meal, similar to a snack. Nothing too exaggerated or heavy, therefore, but simply a few sandwiches.

If the training session is set for 18.00, it is recommended to have lunch at about two, in order to get to the gym hungry. As you work, you will be even more hungry, and then you go home to eat a lot. Dinner, therefore, can be similar to a lunch: first course, second course, fruit, ice cream, desserts, dessert, something to drink (no beer, better a little wine) together with some food supplement or an energy bar. What could be better for healthy muscle growth? Going to sleep, then, it is better to add a little more fruit to the gym: it is not too heavy to digest, yet it provides the human body with a varied mix of useful substances, including vitamins, fiber, sugars and sometimes even essential acids.

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